Italian Destinations has concentrated single-mindedly on its own private Crusade to produce the most professional and creative programmes for conferences, incentives and special interest groups in Venice and throughout Italy.
Our experience and our staff level have grown steadily over those sixty years, and we know our Cities and country like nobody else.
We are personal friends with many of our clients: our Managing Director and his team travel regularly to all corners of the earth to keep constantly in touch with client demand.

Italian Destinations has been so successful in creating and managing vibrant, motivational incentive programmes that many 100 's of major international Companies have become regular clients.

Venice herself is not only living on her past glories, great as they are.
Italian Destinations is there to feel its beating pulse as conference venues and deluxe hotels are built, gastronomic restaurants opened. Imagine, exclusive tours by motor launch to the fabulous islands of the lagoon.
Creative tours of Palladian Villas, banquets in frescoed palaces and visits to charming walled cities will enchant you. Venice 's position as one of the world 's most exciting destinations is supreme in any season.

Our creativity also encompasses:
Florence: cradle of the Renaissance, Tuscan art and architecture;
Rome: the eternal city, the Vatican and its Glory;
Milan: Italy 's commercial capital and its romantic Lakes Como and Maggiore.
And small yet fabulous venues such as Verona, City of Romeo and Juliet, home of open air opera, and Siena for the Palio horses race and Italy's best wines.

Our contacts:
Clementson Travel Office s.r.l.
Castello 5313, 30122 Venice
Ph. +39 041 5200466
Fax +39 041 5231203

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